6 Family-friendly Activities in Sydney

Drawing thousands of tourists towards its sandy beaches and warm weather, Sydney, Australia is on bucket lists all over the world. Most travelers think that Sydney is to be explored solo or with a group of adults, however, it’s actually a very family-friendly city to take a vacation in. In fact, there are a variety of fun family activities that can be done on a budget. Here are a few.

Get your hands on a metre long pizza.

With no shortage of great places to eat, Sydney is home to Via Napoli, which offers a pizza that is a metre long and large enough to feed a handful of hungry people. Fill up on pizza and gather the family around the table to eat at one of the many Via Napoli locations.


You’ve probably heard of escape rooms, but have you heard of the escape rooms on Sydney? Sydney has a number of locations that offer these challenging, family-friendly games that are sure to get the whole family involved. One of the most popular locations is Escapism, located on Darling Harbor. Sydney’s escape rooms offer a variety of themed rooms, from paranormal to prison break. The themes of some of the escapes are adult oriented, and discretion should be used when considering bringing children along.

A barefoot bowling experience.

Nothing is better than the connection between man and nature. Get the ultimate connection with a day of barefoot bowling on sandy beaches with a group of friends and family. Clovelly Bowling and Recreation club both offer their bowlers barbeques, an abundance of beer, and scenic views of the Pacific ocean.  Petersham Bowling Club is worth noting as well, as it offers a variety of craft beers and a fun atmosphere.

Take a stroll through the garden.

Sydney’s Royal Botanical Garden is the perfect place for taking a long walk on  warm summers day. Divided in multiple areas such as Latitude 23- a nursery full of lilies, orchids, and ferns- and a large herb garden. The garden offers a handful of restaurants and cafes which serve unique, homemade food such as the gardens signature Botanic Garden Cafe picnic boxes.

Thrill yourself at Luna Park.

With an entrance that makes for a fun photograph, Luna Park is worth a visit. Packed full of classic amusement parks rides such as rollercoasters, a house of mirrors, and a ferris wheel. The park isn’t all just fun and games, though, as it also has a fine dining restaurant that s excellent for first dates and making memories. If you go on Sundays, you have the option to enjoy a high-class meal while in a basket on the ferris wheel.

Spot the animals.

Only a short ferry ride away from Sydney’s minc enter is the Taronga Zoo Home to a variety of animals and focused on wildlife conservation, public education, and sustainability, the zoo is perfect for both children and adults alike. The zoo offers the opportunity to go on a  guided tour, and the chance to stay the night at the zoo in a designated area where visitors sleep in safari-style tents.