5 of Canada’s Most Grand Museums

Millions of people flock to Canada each year. Among those, thousands are history buffs who are intrigued by the elaborate displays in museums. Despite Canada’s relatively dry history, the country does have its fair share of interesting museums. Don’t believe us? Here are 7.

Dawson City Museum

Take a trip to the Dawson City Museum in Dawson City, Yukon for a chance to get up close and personal with ancient artifacts from Canada’s gold rush days.  Learn all about the Klondike Gold Rush, a gold rush that changed the scene of Dawson City forever. Discover who the men were who settled here and what the area was like before settlement. You can also enjoy a gold pouring demonstration and investigate a number of old locomotives that were used on the railway during the gold rush. The museum is highly educational and ideal for taking children to learn about Canada’s early history.

Royal BC Museum

Located in one of BC’s most populated areas -Victoria-,  the Royal BC Museum is home to many aspects of BC’s history. The museum houses the natural and human history of the province, as well as a real wooly mammoth, and several ceremonial masks from the local First Nations tribes.The museum prides itself on being immersive, interesting, and realistic, all while educating its guests.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario offers a wide selection of things to learn and discover. The museum is the biggest Canadian museum to showcase natural and historic wonders, and has multiple floors. Walking from floor to floor you’ll come across a 25m high totem pole, a variety of art pieces and historical items. This museum focuses on education, containing artifacts from all types of subjects including mineralogy, paleontology, zoology, archaeology, and any other “ology” that you can possibly conjure up.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Art lovers are guaranteed to want to come back to this Montreal museum. Not only is it located in one of Quebec’s most beautiful cities, but it also contains hundreds of unique artworks that deserve appreciation. The museum hosts 41,000 exhibits that range from music to fashion, and from fine art to technical design. The museum takes hours to browse and even longer to admire, as it is chalked full of creative works. It is family friend and a great way to spend the day if you’re an artists, art enthusiast, or museum lover.

Vancouver Police Museum

North America’s oldest police museum and said to house over 20,000 artifacts, the Vancouver Police Museum is on many bucket lists. By taking a self guided tour, tourists are taken on a journey through the extensive history of Vancouver’s law enforcement and crime. The exhibits include but are not limited to a display of confiscated weapons, counterfeit money, gambling aids, and prohibited drugs. Kids can play dress up in real police uniforms and adults can marvel over old photographs and an event known as “movies in the morgue”.