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Get your House Ready for the Winter

As the winter slowly but surely creeps upon us we know we will need to keep ourselves warm. We dig out those winter coats and hats and we consider buying warmer clothing to keep us snug during the coldest of days. However, many of us fail to prepare our houses for the winter.

You need to prepare your house for those cold winter months so it can look after you. Here’s how you can make your house a better place to be, even on the coldest of days:

Prepare the Outside of your Home

One of the first things you need to do is to prepare the outside of your home. Make sure that you clear your gutters and your bins are stored somewhere secure so they don’t get blown away. You might also want to consider moving water butts away from the house. If the water freezes, causing the water butt to expand it could cause a slight flood when the water defrosts.

Insulate your Loft

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to insulate your loft. When your loft is adequately insulated it will help your home to be more energy efficient. In addition to this the insulation can also reduce your energy bills. This is because less warm air will escape your home, meaning you won’t have to keep heating it for quite so long.

Keep your Floors Warm

If your floors are cold you’re going to find your house cold. Make sure you have some thick carpets or rugs to add a bit of warmth to every room. Before the weather really turns bad consider hiring a carpet cleaning company based in Pleasanton. A clean carpet or rug can make a world of difference.

Wrap Your Pipes

Wrap any cold pipes with some pipe jackets or thermal insulation. This will help to prevent them from bursting. The pipes that you will need to pay particular attention to include those that run from inside your home to outside your home. You will also need to consider wrapping pipes in your garage or any cold areas in your home.

Bleed the Radiators

Chances are that during the winter months you will need to use your radiators quite a lot. A radiator needs bleeding when it feels hot at the bottom and cold at the top. Make sure you have the right bleed key to hand and a cloth to catch any water that escapes.

Invest in Thick Curtains

If your windows let a lot of air in then you’ll need to invest in a pair of thick curtains. Curtains such as these can help to keep the warm air in. They also help to prevent cold air that leaks through your windows from making its way into your home.

It’s relatively easy to get your house ready for the winter, you just have to know how. Use the above tips to prepare your home so it’s a much nicer place to be during the cold winter months.